Hello, my name is Jill.

My dream, plain and simple, is to see a world where the best of the best female athletes ALL get their periods. No, I am not an elite athlete...BY FAR, but I did mess myself up massively and didn't get my period for almost 5 years. I'm probably older than you, so you can be sure that I've already made most of the mistakes you're about to make. The BIGGEST mistake you will make is thinking that you are "fine" and that you don't want to get pregnant/waste money on tampons/deal with cramps during a race. You will keep going like this until you hit some kind of wall and then freak out and go to a doctor and not like the answers until you find me. Then you'll watch me on YouTube or read a blog post and get mad, cry, throw some things, and ultimately send me an email. 

It's ok girl. 

I'll be here still telling you the truth and sending out a virtual hug. I will still be telling you things that you probably don't want to hear, but I'll break you down eventually. I have a way of doing that. Are you ready? 

Let's go be unstoppable.