Hey! I’m Addie; a Colorado based outdoor enthusiast (how’s that for a cliche?), nomad, writer, coffee snob, and kabocha squash lover. 

Growing up, I was always active. I never identified as an athlete because I was completely and utterly mediocre at every sport I played (seriously, they would put me in the most inconsequential defense positions. Every time).

When I discovered distance running, and soon thereafter, cycling, everything changed. I became infatuated with everything involved in endurance sports: the process, the gear, the suffering, the mountains, even the plains…

The short of the long is the infatuation turned into obsession. That’s probably why most of you are reading this, anyway. I met Jill in the summer of 2017, and she absolutely changed my life.

While it’s still an adjustment and process every day, I am now able to channel my previous experiences in hopes of helping others that are dealing with overtraining syndrome, hypothalamic amenorrhea, etc. And more importantly, perhaps helping people avoid that in the first place!

You can find me riding my bike and shredding single track, trail running, climbing, and getting lost in the mountains of Colorado (and often California) all for fun and pure joy. When I’m not outside, I’m slinging (and drinking) espresso, reading, writing, listening to music, and dreaming up the next adventure.

Email Addie: addie.acotj@gmail.com