I never wanted to be a health coach...

When I first started this journey, like you, I researched everything I could online and had so many questions. I was not sure if I needed someone to help me with eating, exercise, mindset, habits... Of course, I reached out to a couple of people that I thought could help. They seemed to be warriors who were ready to help me slay my dragons. But, when I pushed them on some of their philosophies things got...weird. It seemed that many of them wanted to tell me what to eat, put me on an exercise plan, or push me into an expensive "online course". One person even cited statistics about how it would be "virtually impossible" for me to get my period back without her expert guidance. Instead of encouraging me to seek her mentorship, it made my skin crawl.

A year later, I am having a hard time ignoring the many requests that I have received to coach people. This is no small thing for me. Asking for help is one of the hardest thing that anyone can do and I am so honored that people would trust me in that way. Of course, I want to do this properly. Despite my undergraduate degree in Psychology, decades of athletic experience, and being a current graduate student in Psychology at Harvard University Extension, I knew I needed to study up on how to be the best resource possible. And OK, I'll admit it...I wanted to learn the Health Coach paradigm so I can break it in half. 

I am now an ACE certified health coach. More importantly, I trained with Margaret Moore of Wellcoaches, had my mind blown, and enjoy sharing what she taught me. Of course, the work that I do at Harvard informs a huge part of my conversations with you and helps me to share the best scientific research with you.

You will notice that there is no "Three Month Package" or "X Days to Get Healthy" deals. There is you and me on the phone (or Skype, etc.) talking about the tough stuff. We talk as many times as you need; there is no "schedule" for wellness. 

At this point I have helped dozens of people have the courage to get their period back, recover from Overtraining Syndrome, and most importantly...become their own heroes. 

I can help you, too. 

All I want is for you to #beunstoppable...




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