The 3 Posts You'll NEVER See Me Do

Aaaas usual, I am not trying to criticise anyone who feels compelled to produce any of the following kinds of posts on Instagram or their personal blogs. I see this stuff all the time out there and ya know, to each their own. But, I want to make a point here about the fact that there should not be an expectation that everyone has to do the same thing. So, here we are the three things you will NEVER see me post about.

  1. Recipes

One of the questions I get quite frequently is “What did you eat to get your period back?”. The answer, of course, is: FOOD. Aside from making sure that you get adequate calories from all macronutrient categories (including and ESPECIALLY starchy carbohydrates), it does not matter what you eat. There is no such thing as “amenorrhea foods” unless you want there to be. If there are foods that you did not want to eat out of fear and suddenly are willing to try, do that. Pushing past your fears and realizing that all food is a good thing for your body and mind. However, just because someone who got their period back posts a recipe for something does not mean that it’s magic or special and it’s absolutely not a prescription for how to do it “right”. Every BODY is different. In short: eat what the heck you want, all day, every day.

*Fun fact: I used to own a bakery. Yes, that’s right. I was the proud owner of Sugarbird Gluten Free Bakery and I can make some bomb GF focaccia. But, don’t ask me for the recipe :)

2. (FAKE) Donut Porn

This one is related to the above, but if you ask’s much more sinister. Here’s the typical post: fitness or health person holding a ginormous donut/cookie/slice of cake in front of their half-open and smiling mouth. “I eat this! I am eating this right now! Watch me eat this!” Except, as soon as the photo is taken, they are putting that donut down and getting up to wash the sugar glaze off their fingers, the end. It’s obvious and annoying and they think we are stupid?

Trying to pretend you eat normally by waving baked goods around doesn’t prove anything except for the fact that you are continuing to perpetuate the idea that certain foods are taboo/dangerous/risky/etc. They are not. Food is just a collection of ingredients put together to keep you living. What YOU project onto that is in your head. A donut is no more interesting than a tunafish sandwich. How many more times can I say it? Eat what you wantttttt.

3. Before/After Photos of My Body

“Look at how FINE I am with not being obsessed with my body by me posing photos of my body for you (and I) to obsess over!” Excuse me, what? This practice makes no sense to me at all. A lot of people who suffer with underfueling are very much attached to a particular body image. Yes, I know you’re celebrating your new shape, but in my opinion, praising the “after” body over the “before” body just shows that HELLO, YOU’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT YOUR BODY.

Some of the women I have the opportunity to speak with on mentoring calls and email have the most incredible lives, education, careers, and interests. They are actors, physicians, illustrators, graphic designers, artists, writers, knitters, gardeners, foster dog moms, jewelry designers, and so many other interesting things that I have honestly lost track. The last thing I want to know about any of these women is what they look like in running shorts. Sorry ladies, I know you are cute and all, but honestly, THIS IS THE LEAST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT YOU. Recovering from amenorrhea means reassessing priorities, taking care of yourself, being present in your life, seeing what’s important, making a plan for your future, believing in your worth. I can not make you see this truth by posting a pic of the exact thing I’d like you to think less about.

Just saying...

So much of social media is automatic, habit-based, and not very thoughtful, but the truth is that we are all unique and there is space for all of us. I just want you to take the time to stop and really LOOK at what you’re consuming out there. Ask yourself...Is this helping? It’s entirely possible that the kinds of posts I mentioned above are the ones that you actually like and look forward to. That’s ok too! But, just be sure that whatever you are reading, viewing, and surrounding yourself is not contradictory.

Oh and’s also OK to unfollow anyone who posts things that make you feel uncomfortable...even mine!