ACOTJ News Round Up #2

A Roundup of News Stories and Articles: Who Gets It, Who Doesn’t

Like many of you, I spend a good amount of time consuming this and that around the interwebs. However, I can’t help but view things through a different lens now that I’ve been through Overtraining Syndrome and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Luckily, there are quite a few people that seem to have gotten the message that more is not better when it comes to training. They offer an alternative view from the mainstream advertising and fitness-influencer stupidity telling you to suck it up and keep going or that your self-worth has something to do with your body fat percentage. I am doing this news roundup to share some of what, in my very biased view, gets it right.

BUT. There is also a lot of crap out there that makes me sad for the people who read it and don’t see that it’s total BS. There are articles and stories that make me angry because they keep pushing the stereotypes that are not helpful. There are people who spread a message of “health” that might work for them (Ahem...maybe), but is certainly not going to be good for everyone. So, I have to point those out too. We need to know that not everything we see makes any kind of all.

If you like what you see, tell, me. If I am wrong, tell me. If you think I am too much of a Pollyanna to be overly’re right! Either way, use the comments below or shoot me an email

Here we go!

They Get it Right

A TED Talk:

Athletes and Mental Health: The Hidden Opponent

Do you know Victoria Garrick? You should. This USC volleyball player suffered with mental health issues in silence, too afraid to admit that something was definitely not right. She went through depression, anxiety, and binge eating disorder while trying to juggle college courses, Division 1 volleyball, and you know like...LIFE. It’s amazing to see a young woman so confidently speak out on something so stigmatized. She is unafraid to talk about mental health, body issues, and the realities of pressure-filled college athletics. Watch her TED Talk and then go follow her on IG for a dose of real life heroism.


Stop Getting Injured

I admit that I am biased when it comes to Cherie Yanek. Race Director of the Burning Man Ultramarathon, Poster Girl for the NY Marathon, Finisher of MULTIPLE 100-milers (and podiums for many of those!),Yoga Instructor, Librarian, Writer, Running Coach, Mother of Lilikoi the Wonder Girl, Cherie is one of my favorite humans for so many reasons. She wrote a great article on the Dirtbag Runners website that is like a great, big smack in the head. She details the stup...ok, silly things that runners do and how NOT to do them. Cherie has been able to continue to run for multiple decades without burning out or breaking down, so I would pay attention.

A Book:

Jojo Moyes-Me Before You

The main character in this book, Luisa, is dating a guy who has recently become a triathlete and honestly, the scenes where she accompanies him to his meetings with the “Hailsbury Triathlon Terrors” are absolutely awesome. If you are not sure if you sound like a total ass when you drone on about your training, these scenes will answer the question for you. I cracked up reading the descriptions of Luisa sitting at the pub with the triathletes, drinking a beer and eating crisps, while the rest of them ordered salad and Diet Coke. Stereotypes aside, I love the fact that the author wasn’t afraid to poke fun at this obsessive group. Plus, it’s healthy to take a step back and see how the rest of the world sees “us”. Humor, people, humor will save us all.

From The Interwebs:

8 Reasons to Take a Seasonal Break from Running

Weight Gain in the Off Season is Good for Recovery

Weight Gain During the Off Season

This happy little trio of articles comes to you from the desk of “Dumb Shit Jill Used to Do” ie: Jill used to think it was important to be capable of running “at least” (OMG where is the face-palm emoji??) a marathon at any point during the year. I also did not believe in pesky little concepts like “Off Season”, “Weight Fluctuations”, or “Enjoying the Holidays”. Yeah, that turned out well. The truth is that you can not and should not try to sustain ANYTHING all year. Fluctuations in training, weight, and LITERALLY everything else in life...are normal and healthy. Also, doing things like making cookies with people who love you will make you live longer than running another ten miles will, so put yer darn fuzzy socks on and sit yer butt down! I’m getting the chocolate chips…

They Do Not Get It:



This is another one of those articles that I almost didn’t post. I read this and didn’t know if I wanted to cry or scream at someone. This is Candace Hill’s personal story of her struggles with training as she believes is related to her weight and she doesn’t need someone like me to judge. All I can say is that I hope there is something bigger going on here, perhaps not included in the article, that proves that this is not a story about a smart, talented, and overall exceptional human being fighting with her body in order to attain “success”. Forgive me if I am getting this wrong… Read for yourself and decide.


Kate Hudson Says She Wants To Lose 25 Pounds—Just Two Months After Giving Birth

Um, ok. So, she’s not an athlete, but the reason why I am including this is because this story seemed like it was everywhere last week and it’s another one that made me want to throw my computer against the wall. Kate Hudson, the beautiful actress and entrepreneur who has a famously amazing relationship with her family and three perfect children, apparently feels that she is in danger of death by having gained a few pounds after giving birth. She wants to take better care of herself, says the article which is accompanied by a pic of her in yoga pants and a sports bra,  “And for Kate, that means focusing on her health. "I wanna be around for these three kiddos of mine," she wrote.” Yup, because being over a size 4=PICK OUT A CASKET. Oh man...I can’t...I really can’t…


This Lovely T-Shirt

I’ll just show you this one...sigh*

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Hope you enjoyed the news this week! If you see anything out there in your world that you think would be good to include here, let me know!