is to see a world where all female athletes get their periods and where everyone can learn to recognize the signs that they are pushing too hard before they blow up in epic fashion.

I'm probably older than you, so you can be sure that I've already made most of the mistakes you're about to make. I messed myself up massively by training too much, didn't get my period for almost 5 years, and then suffered a catastrophic flameout due to Overtraining Syndrome.

The BIGGEST mistake you will make is thinking that you are "fine". You'll think that all you have to do is keep pushing harder and your athletic dreams or body goals will all come back within reach. You will keep going like this until you hit some kind of wall like losing your period, not being able to sleep, having night sweats so bad that you soak the sheets, or feeling like your quads are made of wood. You might even freak out and go to a doctor, but still not get the answer you're looking for. Then you'll watch me on YouTube or read a blog post and get mad, cry, throw some things, and ultimately send me an email. 

It's ok.

I'll be here still telling you the truth and sending out a virtual hug. I will still be telling you things that you probably don't want to hear, but I'll break you down eventually. I have a way of doing that. Are you ready? I'm going to help you get through this.

Let's go be unstoppable.


I have a BA in Psychology from Boston College, a MA in a field totally unrelated to the topics discussed on this website, and over two decades of running, triathlon, and training experience. I am also currently studying for a Masters degree at Harvard University Extension with the focus on Psychology to further support the diagnosis and treatment of OTS and HA in athletes. And in case you're interested, I am also an ACE Certified Health Coach and trained with Margaret Moore of Wellcoaches.

That being said, I am clearly not a medical professional. 

Please always consider following the advice of a licensed medical professional.

All of the studies referenced are from The US National Library: National Institutes of Health, PsychInfo databases, or from actual conversations/emails that I have exchanged with PhDs or MDs in the appropriate field. 

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